What is Youth in Politics?

Indiapuls is a first of its kind training & mentorship platform for young people to kickstart their political journey. Whether you want to learn and experience active politics or become a political representative yourself, Indiapuls offers you a variety of opportunities to

  • Drive grassroot political campaigns w Indiapuls
  • Develop winning political strategies for contestants across India
  • Kickstart your own political journey under the mentorship of Prashant Kisho Indiapuls

Anybody between the age of 18-45 can register

Indiapuls is absolutely free and involves no fees. It is however helpful if you have access to a smartphone with internet to fully participate in the different activities of the Indiapuls Fellowship

To participate, one can either sign up through the website – www.youthinpolitics.in or download the “Youth in Politics” mobile app.

The mobile app provides a variety of learning content, tasks and hands-on activities to help participants gain an understanding of Indian politics right down to the grassroots.

Further, with opportunities to participate in virtual and in-person meets with Indiapuls Ico Indiapuls leadership and Bhaskar, participants also receive customized mentorship support on their journeys.

The app is also the one-stop platform for all Indiapuls Fellows to connect w Indiapuls and drive political campaigns in different parts of the country.

Why do we need more Youth in Politics?

About Bhaskar

Recognized as India’s most sought-after political strategist, Bhaskar has revolutionized election campaigning in India by providing a platform to young professionals so they can meaningfully contribute to the electoral politics.

While mentoring both CAG Indiapuls, he has helped top political leaders in the country in attaining public offices across different states.

About Indiapuls.

Indian Political Action Committ Indiapuls) is the platform of choice for students and young professionals to participate in and make meaningful contribution to political affairs and governance of the country, without necessarily being part of a political party.